'I watched my students grow in front of my eyes, I watched them flourish and grow in confidence. The trip wasn’t just a material ‘do-gooder’ thing; it gave space for members of the group to share their thoughts /emotions /concerns. It allowed them to grow stronger by supporting each other'.

WD, Chaplain, Lancing

'The trip had the biggest effect on me, in the sense that it has been an inspiration and a memory that I think of nearly every day… Seeing and hearing the troubles that the Karen people have gone through is incredibly upsetting, yet also awe-inspiring. Each of the children that we taught and played with had been through so much in their short lives, yet were still running around with the most beautiful smiles on their faces and eyes full of hope; seeing that changed my life. The thing that the trip confirmed to me the most is that my main goal in life is to help those who are less fortunate than I am. Since the trip I decided to continue my legal studies with the hope of going into legally-aided work. I have also volunteered at the CAB and am looking to undertake further charity work. What working with children and alongside inspirational people like Paul and Simon has done is made me realise that there are so many people out there that need help in different ways. It ignited something inside me that won’t go away and will influence my day to day life forever'.

AW, Brighton

'There is no doubt that these trips have made a huge difference to the children who have been lucky enough to have taken part. Not only do they return all the richer in heart and soul from the experience but they have the genuine joy of having made a difference to people far less fortunate than themselves'.

Richard Foster, Headmaster, Windlesham House School



'Thank you so much for taking Georgia on this journey of a lifetime.  She has gained so much from this experience and has grown'.

'I have witnessed, time and again, how challenging pupils have been transformed by the CRED experience'.

DM, Teacher, Littlehampton

'During my time in Addis Ababa, I experienced pretty much every emotion possible…it was almost like they had become my family….I didn’t want to leave them. So when the show finished and all the children started to leave with big grins on their faces, I started looking for the little girl I had been sitting with. We smiled and hugged each other tight, with tears running down our faces. I miss that little girl. After that one hug I know I will go back to Ethiopia again. I will never be able to forget the children I got to know in Addis….'

IP, Bournemouth

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