CRED Team Trips are delivered in the following phases:


Recruitment Phase – 12-18 months before departure

The School Leader or a CRED Team Trip representative will deliver an assembly to students to promote the trip. We often try to invite young people who have previously participated in a Team Trip to talk about their experiences.


A meeting will be arranged for parents/guardians and interested students around 2 weeks after the assembly.  A CRED  Team Trip representative will present trip information in detail, answer questions, and ensure that young people and parents/guardians have a good understanding of what they will be committing to.


Application packs will be given out at the parents' information evening, and a deadline will be set for them to be returned.


Application & Interview Phase: 11-13 months before departure

Once applications are received, the Programme Manager will contact the school to arrange interview dates and times, if the school wishes.


CRED Team Trips uses a point scoring system at interview to determine the suitability of candidates, with weightings given for application forms in the event of poor interview performance, and for positive or negative recommendations from the school. It is therefore recommended that at least one school representative is involved in the interview and selection process so that such weightings can be appropriately given.


CRED requires deposit payments within 2 weeks of the main block of interviews in order to secure flights, or 2 weeks after the parents' inforamtion evening if the school does not require interviews.


Successful applicants will receive a Welcome Email and the team will be formed. The Welcome Email will include a Participant Pack, comprising fundraising guidance and full trip information including terms and conditions, cultural information etc. 


Preparation & Fundraising Phase: 1-12 months before departure

The School Leader will need to meet regularly with the team to monitor and encourage their fundraising and monitor their preparation.


CRED Team Trips will deliver a Training Weekend to equip and prepare the group. This is usually a residential Friday night and Saturday daytime 4-6 months prior to departure. This may include: lesson planning and delivery, team building, child development, working with children with Post Traumatic Stress, and working with children with Special Needs.


Delivery Phase:

This is where the team puts all of their hard work and preparation into action. We remind participants that they are there to work, but that they will probably gain much more than they give.


Post-Trip Phase:

Participants usually experience greater culture shock on their return to the UK thanon their arrival in their destination country. We recommend that the School Leader gathers the team for a debriefing meeting within a fortnight of their return. CRED Team Trips will also provide a pro-forma with pertinent questions.


CRED Team Trips will encourage the team to organise a reunion event approximately 3-5 months after theirreturn. This provides a good opportunity to revisit memories and renew friendships, but also to reflect on the experience together and to look at how the lessons learned will impact individuals’ engagement with their communities.

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