You’ll be part of a team delivering an  activity week for one of CRED Foundation’s overseas project partners. You can expect to work hard, have a lot of fun, and develop and use your skills within the team.


CRED Team Trips are an opportunity to:

  • Be challenged to think about the needs of communities living in a different culture
  • Plan and use creative thinking to run sessions
  • Use discussion skills and form develop your own opinions on global issues
  • Be exposed to extreme poverty, which may challenge your perceptions of consumerism at home
  • Reflect on and evaluate your experiences
  • Gain an understanding of the wider world and your responsibility as a ‘Global Citizen’
  • Overcome personal barriers and gain a sense of achievement from working and living outside your comfort zone.

The Learning Objectives that we apply to all CRED Trips can be summarized as follows:

  • Participants gain a cultural experience, and increased knowledge and understanding of the country visited.
  • Participants develop a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of how their actions affects those that they teach. They actively plan and deliver meaningful lessons and activities in line with the requirements of their hosts.
  • Participants embrace global citizenship and use their experiences to help shape and influence their own futures, and those that they work with at home and in the host country.

Every CRED Team trip is unique, and every member of the team plays a unique part in that trip. Acceptance on the trip is dependent on satisfactory completion of the application form and successful interview (where applicable). No money is required before this time, although once accepted a non-refundable deposit will be needed to secure your place on the team.


Whilst we aim to be as inclusive as possible, participation in CRED Team Trips does require a reasonable level of fitness in order to cope with such variables as climate, terrain and accessibility of location. If you have any queries about the physical nature of the trip, please contact the CRED Team Trips Programme Team to discuss further.

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