The Bulgaria CRED Team Trip is an opportunity to travel to Stara Zagora in Bulgaria and spend a week delivering 5 days of high-quality educational activities, fun and games to Roma children at one of the schools in the community.


Facilitated by The Foundation for Social Change and Inclusion (FSCI), a partner of CRED Foundation, the children we work with live in chronic poverty and are marginalised within their community; this week will be the closest they come to getting a holiday.


Stara Zagora is home to the largest community of Roma people in Bulgaria, and the living standard for most are very poor. They are also ostracised by local Bulgarians and experience a lot of stigma.


Access to education is hard, and unemployment is high. Their prospects of getting out of poverty are very low. By getting involved with one of the local primary schools that many of the poorer families go to, we will be providing not just a week of lessons and activities, but also much-needed resources, and the knowledge that these people are not forgotten.


Either late July/August or October half term. This includes a day in Sofia (capital city).

E-mail Kensa  - info@credteamtrips.co.uk for more information on this trip or to discuss how you can support the team and the work we are doing.

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