Our journey started when Greg Valerio met two remarkable women in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia in the mid-90’s. Both were Ethiopian, both had set up groundbreaking projects. CRED Foundation was set up in 1997 as a vehicle for supporting and resourcing those organisations and others like them. The foundation was set for a relational and mutually respectful model of partnership.


At the same time, Greg was keen to fill a gap in the schools curriculum, i.e. global citizenship and issues surrounding poverty. CRED’s first grant was from Christian Aid for a schools programme, which grew to incorporate lessons, assemblies and school conferences for scores of schools over a number of years.


Greg Valerio went on to establish CRED Jewellery, left CRED Foundation in order to campaign and pioneer Fair Trade Gold, and was awarded Global Campaigner of the Year 2011 by the Observer Ethical Awards.


Paul Sanderson MBE took over as Director, using his considerable community experience to develop and pilot CRED Team Trips.


In 2016, Cred Foundation passed the batton onto the Lifesigns Group, who continue to run these remarkable trips for young people. CRED Team Trips works in partnership with the CRED Foundation, who ensure that the originsl ethos is maintained.

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