The fundraising target to cover trip costs for is currently £895 per person plus the cost of flights. CRED Team Trips hold an ATOL bond no. 9303.


The first payment is a non-returnable non-transferable deposit of £200 per person due within a month of interview. A payment schedule will be agreed between CRED and the individual and/or school during the Application and Interview phase.


Financing of school staff places is left to the school’s discretion. Sometimes schools decide that their students’ fundraising target should incorporate staff trip costs. On other occasions, staff wish to join in and fundraise with the group. CRED recognises the essential role that staff play, and want to make your job as easy as possible. For schools who ‘block book’ or underwrite places, we will where possible discount the fundraising target for two staff places in such a way as to cover the cost of their international flights. A full breakdown of costs can be provided on request.



Some schools prefer to collect cheques from participants (paid to the school), leaving CRED to send an invoice for payment in the usual manner. Other schools prefer to gather cheques (payable to Lifesigns Group), and send onto their CRED’s Teams Co-ordinator. Please let us know your payment preference as soon as possible.



Participants will be encouraged to raise funds over and above costs so that we can leave a gift with the host project, but it is not obligatory. Participants are also encouraged to collect specific resources and materials to benefit their work.


Our Cancellation Policy gives details on refunds and transferability of fees, and is available on request.


Liability for Costs

Some schools underwrite the cost of their cohort group and take on liability for the amount of places booked. If participants drop out, they can be replaced without prejudice right up until the final balance on flights is paid (usually 3 months before departure).


Other schools, despite supporting the fundraising of a cohort group, place liability for costs with the participant and participants’ family. If a participant drops out (subject to the Cancellation Policy below), it is CRED’s responsibility to fill the space – the school will be given first preference to find a replacement where possible, but the place will not be guaranteed for the school in question and may be given to another cohort or individual. Please let us know which operational model your school would prefer to adopt.


Additional Costs

These costs are not included in the overall cost and are highlighted in the parents’ presentation at the school. They are:


Additional Health Insurance Premiums for pre-existing conditions
Comprehensive group travel insurance is taken out to cover all team members. In accordance with industry guidelines, there is no opt-out from this insurance, and CRED will not act as a ‘middle-man’. CRED will therefore provide insurer details so that participants, parents or school representatives can liaise directly with them.

Participants and their parent / guardian should read the policy carefully to ensure they understand the cover provided. Pre-existing medical conditions are usually excluded, but you should liaise directly with the insurer to find out. It is the individual participant’s responsibility to declare any pre-existing medical conditions on the Application Form, and ultimately their responsibility (or their parent/guardian if under 18 yrs old) to check if their condition is or isn’t covered. Additional premiums may be charged for certain conditions and these costs are usually borne by the individual.


Transport to the UK Training Weekend (s), Reunion and Airport
UK Training will normally take place 4-6 months prior to departure, and usually takes the form of a residential overnight stay (Friday night/Saturday daytime) at a venue deemed suitable for the purpose. The Reunion event usually takes place 3-5 months after the team have returned. All costs are included for the duration of the events in question, including food and refreshments, but transport to and from these events is not covered.


Personal Equipment
We advise all students not to purchase anything until after the UK Training Weekend. Specific advice will be given at that time as to the appropriateness of clothing and equipment that participants may already possess. A full equipment list will be provided, and teams will depart with a list of resources they will need to collect for their activities.



It is the responsibility of individual participants to discuss inoculations with their own GP or Travel Clinic. We would provide a list of recommended inoculation to the individual six months prior to travel.


If a visa is required for the destination country, CRED will let you at the first team meeting. Individual participants are expected to pay for their own visa.


Pocket Money
This will only be needed for additional snacks, drinks, postcards, emails and souvenirs, as all other expenses in-country are included in the budget. We advise that participants carry a maximum of £50 for this. Further advice as to the appropriate currency to carry will be confirmed at the Training Weekend.


It is helpful for a school to release staff to accompany the cohort at a ratio of 1:10, with gender representation as appropriate.


The overall adult to young person ratio tends to be 1:8. Team sizes are generally 25 participants with 2 CRED staff (the Venture Leader and a Co-Leader). A School Contact is vital to making the trip happen at all stages of the process.

Here is an idea of what the role might involve:


Recruitment Phase

  • Arrange opportunities to promote the trip to young people and parents
  • Liaise with SMT, other staff, and the Local Authority as required.
  • Application and Interview Phase
  • Facilitate the interview process in liaison with CRED staff; assist in selection.
  • Organise the collection of deposits.
  • Ensure DBS checks are undertaken within cohort (if appropriate).


Preparation and Fundraising Phase

  • Organise the collection of passports and visa forms to be sent to relevant embassy.
  • Organise the collection of payments according to the payment schedule.
  • Offer support and assistance to cohort’s fundraising efforts.
  • Delivery Phase
    Whilst CRED usually assumes a higher duty of care for the duration of the trip, we acknowledge that the School Contact will have overall pastoral responsibility for their cohort. The School Contact is therefore expected to advise the Venture Leader on the school “position” in areas of welfare and conduct.


Post-Trip Phase

  • Arrange reviewing within a fortnight of the cohort’s return, with possible follow up after this.
  • Liaise with other staff members with regards to assembly/lesson delivery by participants; assist participants in assembly/lesson preparation and delivery.
  • Facilitate transport to and from the Reunion event delivered by CRED staff.


This is not an exhaustive list, but an indication of the kind of things the School Contact(s) will do to make the trip a reality.


CRED provides a Venture Leader and a Co-Leader for each trip. Between them they ensure that practical and logistical matters are dealt with, pastoral issues are addressed, programme delivery is carried out appropriately, and that team development opportunities are maximised. CRED recruits those who have extensive and successful experience in working with young people, have considerable organisational experience and/or previous cross cultural experience, and have a proven ability to exercise a duty of care and manage risk to a high standard.


Their duty of care can be summarised as follows:


The Venture Leader

The Venture Leader’s services are engaged by CRED and carries executive responsibility for the safety, development and conduct of all members of the team. In all but a few situations the Venture Leader will carry the responsibility of Higher Duty of Care, and will follow our Emergency Procedures as required. UK support and contact is always sought in such circumstances, but where immediate decisions are required, the Venture Leader and Co-Leader will decide on the most appropriate action, with the Venture Leader having bottom-line responsibility.


The Co-Leader

Effectively acts as the Venture Leader’s deputy. Under common law the Co-Leader owes a duty of care towards the team members and should act as a reasonable prudent adult would in the same situation. The Co-Leader is not necessarily expected to perform the same duties as the Venture Leader (unless in the case of an emergency).


Adults or mature young people from different cohorts will be designated Zone group leaders depending on the make-up of the team. All adults on the team should be DRB checked to an Enhanced level.


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