The Learning Objectives that we apply to all CRED Trips can be summarized as follows:

  • All – Gain a cultural experience, and increased knowledge and understanding of the country visited.
  • Most – Develop a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of how their actions impact on those that they teach. They actively plan and deliver meaningful lessons and activities in line with the requirements of their hosts.
  • Some – Embrace global citizenship and use their experiences to help shape and influence both their own futures, and those that they work with at home and in the host country.

Our aim is to develop CRED Team Trips as a ‘package’ that develops young people; some of the expected student learning and personal outcomes include:

  • being challenged to think about the needs of children living in a different culture
  • having planned and used creative thinking to run sessions
  • having used discussion skills and formed their own opinions on global issues
  • exposure to extreme poverty which may challenge their own spending and perceptions of consumerism
  • Having opportunity to reflect on and evaluate their experiences and thus be able to see how their actions have affected those they have been working with
  • Having opportunity to consider current issues related to their trip and thus be able to make comparisons between these and their own lifestyle, culture and family life
  • gaining an understanding of the wider world and their responsibility as a ‘Global Citizen’
  • overcoming personal lifestyle barriers and gaining a sense of achievement for working and living outside their ‘comfort zone’
  • possibly achieving some vocational clarity as a result of their experiences

We are happy to look at maximising the demonstration of learning through the trip experience. We are looking into the possibility of delivering ASDAN-accredited short courses as an integrated part of the trips, but are aware that some schools may wish to directly link various aspects of the Trip to attainment within an existing curriculum.


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In conclusion, we hope that this adventure will be of great benefit to your students, and will bring significant development with regards to confidence, cultural awareness, and team work. We’ve certainly seen some major changes in behaviour and outlook from previously ‘problematic’ young people and high achievers alike. Whatever background your cohort comes from, we’re confident that they will find the experience inspiring, challenging and (in many cases) transformative.

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