We’re really pleased to offer an experience that will be of huge benefit to your pupils and to your school, and one that is quite different to what other Trip Providers offer.


  1. We’re strongly committed to the development of our Participants, and invest a lot of time in getting to know them and investing in them before and during the delivery. in advance of the Trip, encouraging reflection, and developing skills.
  2. This is not an ‘Adventure Holiday’: the adventure is being personally involved in a community, in using and developing skills, and learning about yourself. Participants witness poverty and great need whilst being inspired by those who combat it, and inspired by the riches of a very different culture.


CRED Team Trips are often made up of different school groups working together. Whilst we strongly encourage this kind of partnership, some schools opt to ‘block book’ all of the places on a Trip.


The numbers on a team can vary depending on location and demand, but typically we aim to take 25 adults and children, plus 2 CRED Trip Leaders. We’ve taken pupils as young as 12 yrs old, but our usual target group from schools is 14-19 yrs. Either way, we’re very happy to see if we can tailor things to your requirements!

CRED Team Trips are delivered in the following phases:


Recruitment Phase – 12-18 months before departure

We can provide videos or send CRED representatives to deliver lessons / assemblies for the purposes of promotion. We often try to use young people who have previously participated in a Team Trip.


CRED will pass on an Application Pack that can be distributed to interested pupils. Where possible we use ‘virtual documents’ i.e. email, pdf and word documents, to minimise paper usage and so that the school can personalise and strategically distribute materials.

Developing a ‘Whole School Approach’ can be fruitful, and we’re happy to explore this with any partner school.


This phase is the ideal time for the school to discuss their individual needs with CRED and to decide together on terms of engagement. Team Trips are usually made up of a number of school cohorts and individuals, but occasionally schools choose to ‘block book’ a whole trip.


Application & Interview Phase: 11-13 months before departure

The School Contact will forward copies of the application forms to our Teams Co-ordinator, who in turn will forward copies to the Trip’s Venture Leader. He or she will liaise directly with the school to arrange interview dates and times.

CRED uses a point scoring system at interview to determine the suitability of candidates, with weightings given for application forms in the event of poor interview performance, and for positive or negative recommendations from the school. It is therefore recommended that at least one school representative is involved in the interview and selection process so that such weightings can be appropriately given.


Preparation & Fundraising Phase: 1-12 months before departure

A meeting with parents / guardians of shortlisted candidates should take place as soon as possible after the interviews. This is an opportunity for a CRED representative to present trip information in detail, answer questions, and ensure that young people and carers have a good understanding of what they’re committing to.

CRED requires deposit payments within a month of the main block of interviews in order to secure flights.


The school will be provided with a Participants Pack for successful applicants, comprising fundraising guidance, full trip information including terms and conditions, sponsorship sheets, fundraising authorisation letter template etc.


The School Contact will need to meet regularly with the team to monitor and encourage their fundraising, collect or organise payments, and monitor their preparation.

CRED will deliver a Training Weekend to equip and prepare the group. This is usually a residential Friday night and Saturday daytime 4-6 months prior to departure. Some of the specialist skills and knowledge we’ve taught have included: lesson planning and delivery, child development, working with children with Post Traumatic Stress, and working with children with Special Needs.


Delivery Phase

This is where the team puts all of their hard work and preparation into action. We often remind participants that they are there to work, but that they will probably gain much more than they give.


Post-Trip Phase

Participants usually experience greater culture shock on their return to the UK. We recommend that the School Contact gather the cohort for a debriefing meeting within a fortnight of their return. CRED can provide a pro-forma with pertinent questions and suggestions for discussion, and occasionally a CRED representative can support this debriefing.


CRED will deliver a reunion event for the whole team approximately 3-5 months after the team’s return. This provides a good opportunity to revisit memories and renew friendships, but also to reflect on the experience together and to look at how the lessons learned will impact individuals’ engagement with their communities or the wider world.

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