CRED Team Trips are often made up of different school groups working together. Whilst we strongly encourage this kind of partnership, some schools opt to ‘block book’ all of the places on a Trip.


The numbers on a team can vary depending on location and demand, but typically we aim to take 25 adults and children (normally 2 CRED Trip Leaders and 2 School Teachers). We’ve taken pupils as young as 12 yrs old, but our usual target group from schools is 14-19 yrs. Either way, we’re very happy to see if we can tailor things to your requirements!

The Learning Objectives that we apply to all CRED Trips can be summarized as follows:

  • All – Gain a cultural experience, and increased knowledge and understanding of the country visited.
  • Most – Develop a greater depth of knowledge and understanding of how their actions impact on those that they teach. They actively plan and deliver meaningful lessons and activities in line with the requirements of their hosts.
  • Some – Embrace global citizenship and use their experiences to help shape and influence both their own futures, and those that they work with at home and in the host country.
  1. Application and Interview process
  2. Q & A session for participants and families
  3. Fundraising, as organised by school cohorts, to fit in with agreed payment schedules
  4. Training weekend: full assignment briefing, team dynamics, team roles, initial preparation for activities, first circle time to share thoughts, feelings and fears, child development / learning styles workshop, planning assistance
  5. Resourcing: As decided at the training weekend, individuals will gather items required for the activities that they are involved with organising and running
  6. The trip itself
  7. Post-trip follow-up and debrief

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