All the trips are led by CRED  staff, comprising one Venture Leader and a co-leader, each of whom will have considerable experience in leading teams and international trips. CRED Foundation is a member of the Expedition Providers Association, and is independently assessed against British Standard 8848 for Overseas Trips.


A typical team trip starts with the team training weekend. This takes place 4 – 5 months prior to the dates of the trip, and is a compulsory component of the CRED trip. It is on this training weekend that initial team building takes place, as well as the planning of lessons and activity sessions. It is also the time when information is given out regarding what to take, cultural information, travel arrangements, safeguarding and child protection training,

and a host of other useful information. And of course it is the chance for team members to ask all the questions they may have. This training is a MUST for all participants.

The programme is designed to ensure just one week of missed study or work – where day 1 is a Friday afternoon/evening and day 10 is a Sunday. There is no limit to the fun, ideas and creativity that go into making the programme totally amazing, because each individual team generates the ideas, collects the equipment, and makes it happen for themselves!Just to get you thinking though, in the past we have done things like:


Parachute Games                     

Fun with Food       

Singing & Dancing 

Football Tournaments

Sensory Games                     


Puppet Shows  

Balloon Decorating

Banner Making   


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